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Carry Me Away Lyrics in English – John Mayer

“Carry Me Away Lyrics” written by John Mayer from album JM8. Song is composed by John Mayer. Song is released on 6 Sept. 2019.


Carry Me Away Lyrics

I’m such a bore,
I’m such a bummer
There must be more
behind the summer

I want someone To make some trouble
Been way too safe Inside my bubble
Take me out and keep me up all night
Let me live on the wilder side of the light

Carry me away
Carry me away(3x)
You carnivore,
you loose cannon
Can I have some more?
I can’t understand it
You fast car, you foolish spender
You know you are, and I surrender

So come on over
and wake me up
Put some of your tequila in my coffee cup
You know I need you,
and that’s for sure
You’re just the kinda crazy I’ve been lookin’ for

Carry me away
Carry me away
Carry me away
Where the sun hits my face all different
Carry me away
Carry me away


Song Info

SongCarry Me Away
SingerJohn Mayer
MusicJohn Mayer


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